Glass elements on the roofs

Glass Roofs

A glass roof can serve many purposes:
Glass roofs are used to ensure the natural ventilation of rooms, staircases, atriums, winter gardens, living rooms, bathrooms and entrance halls. They also offer protection against bad weather, high levels of UV light, heat loss and snow.
Glass roofs can serve a purely functional purpose, especially if they are somewhat hidden. However, they can also accentuate the existing design of the building and serve as visual focal points. Our products are perfectly suited for both cases.

Raised glass roof on both sides

Glass for rooftop terraces

We provide multiple elements for roof terraces.
Retractable glass roofs for rooftop exits walkable glass roofs aligned with the terrace flooring to let sunlight into the rooms below.
All-glass railings serving as safety measures and windscreens.

Glass railings and glass in the flat roof

Free-standing glass roofs

Glass roofs and canopies provide maximum protection
Against bad weather without blocking sunlight.

Winter gardens

New constructions & repairs

Winter gardens planned by an architect – perfect if you want to turn your ideas into reality  
Winter gardens with wood, steel and aluminum elements or made entirely of glass.
We will repair all installations and glass elements.